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Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

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Tired of the same ol' dishes? Spice up your meals with Bay Leaves! Our leaves will bring you the freshest flavour - use them now to stew up something special, or dry some for later. A bay-licious recipe is only a few leaves away!

Recipe Ideas

Try a Spanish inspired lentil soup using bay leaves and kale to lift the flavour to new heights. You can use bay leaves as a pickling herb and in any stew.

Storage of Leaves

You'll receive the leaves fresh and can use them straight away , but we would always recommend you drying some to use long term in your every day cooking. To dry... Use a bull dog clip and tie it with a string back to a hook in the kitchen ceiling or somewhere you get some airflow. Leaves will dry naturally. Do not put them in the fridge - they don't store long term well where there is humidity.

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