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Dapto Community Farm

Red Beetroot Seedlings (4 Aces)

Red Beetroot Seedlings (4 Aces)

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Red Beetroot Seedlings (4 Aces) are a juicing and roasting beetroot. Planted today, you can begin to harvest from 8 weeks and left to grow a little more will be suitable for juicing in those antioxidant rich smoothies and juices.

Soil Preparation, Care and Management

Like most root vegetables, beetroots don't like too much manure, but like a well draining soil. Great to be planted after summer vegetables or heavty feeders. Plant these in rows of 20cm by plantings. Water in with a mixture of Seasol or Organic liquid fertiliser at least 2 times for the first week and then water occasionally to ensure seedlings do not dryout. As plant matures less frequent , but deeper watering is recommended.

Leaves can get fungus damage in heavy rain so an organic funcide is recommended. Otherwise, discard of the leaves when harvested and enjoy either roasted, boiled or juiced.

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