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Blue Acres Organics

Medium Seasonal Veggie Box

Medium Seasonal Veggie Box

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This is our MEDIUM box of veggies, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have lots of fresh produce and tonnes of variety. These vegetables are picked the day before and sometimes on the day you receive our box - that’s crazy.

We pack each box to the limit and give you something from every vegetable group like leafy greens, cucurbits ( that's stuff like cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin ), salad vegetables, something from the onion  family (like leeks, onions or shallots ), root vegetables and flavour heavyweights like herbs and even ginger and garlic from time to time.

We try to provide vegetables from both Mediterranean and Asian influences so you can enjoy both exotic and healthy meals at home

This produce is certified organic, which means absolutely no chemicals or bad stuff, just seasonal vegetables grown the way nature intended with lots of organic matter in the soil for a healthy plant to grow. But sometimes “bugs can happen” and so you might see the occasional hole in a leaf or imperfection in a vegetable - don’t worry, this is how life works to create the best tasting vegetables you’ll ever have.

Please note contents may vary and will be subject to seasonal availability. Approximately 15-16 different varieties of vegetables will be provided, along with recipes and ideas to use the veggies provided

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