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Learn how are vegetables organically grown experience picking vegetables straight from the paddock and cooking these into a nutritious tasting meal ? Come with us on a 2 hour pick and eat tour where you will see exactly how we grow, we get you to work by picking some vegetables that go into a cooking demonstration and a three course meal. We will let the weather and season guide us, but you will be in for a treat.

Blue Acres celebrates multiculturalism so you could be in for a Italian, central Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Asian inspired meal. Come and see a working farm and see how each grower has brought a piece of their heritage into the way vegetables are grown. Frank shares his story and some of the meals from his childhood and his growing family. Typically you will enjoy:

  • A choice of starters such as an antipasto of pickled vegetables, fritters, tapas, dips, olives and of course crusty bread
  • For a main, it could be a vegetable pasta or a Spanish paella that can be enjoyed with a complimentary glass of wine selected for the meal. You will enjoy a salad to accompany the meal with a vinaigrette that lifts any salad.
  • Lastly a dessert of sorts such as a rhubarb and ginger muffin to go with an espresso or piccolo latte.

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