About Us

We are are team of growers and staff that are passionate about sustainably growing great tasting food. We want everyone to experience what its like to be eating field grown vegetables that have been painstakingly cared for and freshly harvested. In fact we apply a just in time harvest process so that when you receive your produce, you can rest assured it was picked no more than 48 hours earlier. That means WE ARE the actual fresh food people.

As a small business we understand that it can be difficult to grow sustainable crops for the masses, you see we don’t have large scale agriculture in mind when we grow, but a wide variety of crops that work together to rejuvenate the soil so that our crops are healthy, naturally resist pests and disease and are ready for a new crop as each is harvested. We focus on local or low food miles from our urban farm in Dapto.

For our growers, growing beautiful tasting vegetables is not enough. We want everyone to experience what it’s like to grow, harvest and eat fresh picked vegetables. So we offer "paddock to plate" tours, growing workshops, seedling sales and the opportunity to purchase direct from the farm so you can enjoy fresh and healthy food. We also provide large amounts of our produce to local retailers and organic specialist grocers so that everyone can experience fresh produce just as nature intended.

We are not simply a wholesaler, or buyer of produce for others. Unlike other organic vegetable suppliers, we grow the produce we sell, in fact we have over 2 acres of cultivated garden beds sharing infrastructure and resources between both commercial and community farmers. This is a lot harder to do for us, and it creates a burden to coordinate multiple growers, but you in the end get a far superior product and we , the growers, can put our hand on heart and be proud of what we have grown, knowing that a local family is enjoying food we have grown that night at dinner.