Our Growers

Mountain Range

Mountain Range is a NASSA certified organic farm located at Dapto and helps community and commercial food farmers to grow vegetables for both personal and community use. Mountain Range provides the infrastructure to support urban farmers to grow commercial viable crops and sell these to the local market.

Francesco Marzano

Francesco grew up in an Italian family that came to Australia in the late 1930's. Food and family are the escesnse of his upbringing. With family still living in the southern region of Italy in the Calabrian mountains, Francesco grows Italian inspired vegetables like raddichio, escalore, cimi de rape, broccolini and summer Mediterranean vegetables

Husnu Yeniceri

Born in Cyprus from a long standing farming heritage, Husnu brings a passion to his growing like no other. A continual innovator in growing and cultivating commercially viable produce. He loves to grow Fennel, Leeks and Cypriate inspired vegetables such as snake beans, okra, parsley and chillis

Johnny Blight

A legendary grower of commercial quantiies of lettuces , raddishes and shallots, Johnny is 100% character and 100% professional. His lettuces are legendary and takes extreme pride in his produce, providing you with fresh picked vegetables that are well presented.

Mang Mang

Immigrating from Myrinmar, Mang started growing with her late sister Mimi and has developed into a skilled and knowledgeable grower in her own right. Mang works extremely hard to grow and harvest asian inspired herbs and vegetables like Bok Choy, Corriander, Water Spinach and Choy Sum

Geogy P George

Geogy (or "George") is a an Indian born farmer that cultivates his popular orange and yellow turmeric, ginger and coriander. He grows staples such as Kale, Silverbeet, Cos lettuce and raddish