Farm Tours & Taste

How are vegetables organically grown and what’s it like to pick vegetables straight from the paddock and cook these into a nutritious tasting meal ? Come with us on a 2 hour pick and eat tour where you will see exactly how we grow, we get you to work by picking some vegetables that go into a cooking demonstration and a three course meal. We will let the weather and season guide us, but you will be in for a treat.

Blue Acres celebrates multiculturalism so you could be in for a Italian, central Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Asian inspired meal. Come and see a working farm and have Francesco Marzano that has brought Italian heritage into the way vegetables are grown. Share his story and some of the meals from his childhood and his growing family. Typically you will enjoy:

  • A choice of starters such as an antipasto of pickled vegetables, fritters, tapas, dips, olives and of course crusty bread
  • For a main, it could be a vegetable pasta or a spanish paella that can be enjoyed with a complimentary glass of wine selected for the meal. You will enjoy a salad to accompany the meal with a vinegarette that lifts any salad.
  • Lastly a dessert of sorts such as a rhubarb and ginger muffin to go with an expresso or piccolo latte.